New Website

30 07 2011

Well, we’ve moved once again (internet-wise, not literally). This should be the last time…promise! Please bookmark our new site. We’ll be blogging over there from now on.

Jack’s 1st Birthday

18 07 2011

Just wanted to check in and show a few pictures of Jack’s first (of 3) First Birthday Party. That’s right…this lucky boy gets 3 parties! One in Wichita Falls, Fort Worth, and Dallas! Too bad we couldn’t do a California one this year but we will next year for sure! Last night’s party was our Dallas one with a lot of our church friends and Jon’s work buddies.

My friend, Cassie, was sweet enough to open her home which offered a more central location for everyone in Dallas. Jon made some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato salad and I worked on some homemade decorations during Jack’s nap times the week before. It all came together great.

We had a little water splash time in the backyard for Jack while the guests had fun with the photo booth then headed back into the air conditioning for dinner. After some time of socializing and eating, Jon thanked everyone for being there and expressed how although this was a party to celebrate Jack’s first birthday, it was also a way to say thank you to those that serve as another family to us. We pledged our dedication to do our best to raise Jack up to be a God-fearing, honorable man then we prayed and it was time for dessert! Yum. We had mini cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches and Jack had his own cupcake as well. Well, we served it to him but he didn’t really eat any of it. :sigh: oh well…a sugary cupcake isn’t really one of the first foods we want him to be eating anyway. ;-)

After dessert, we just socialized more while guests filled out their time capsule card for Jack’s 18th birthday.

Once all the parties are done and everyone has mailed in their card, Jon and I will assemble a time capsule that he will open on his 18th birthday.We’re having fun deciding on the different items of today to put in there. Should be fun! Anyway, we head to Wichita Falls this weekend for my step-brother’s wedding on Friday and then Jack’s next party will be Saturday. Busy, busy!

OH, and BIG NEWS, Jack is now walking!!!! He’s taken a few steps here and there but just the other morning, after his nap, he just decided crawling was for the birds, and walking everywhere was the thing to do! He’s doing really good and I will try and post a video of it soon. He walks with his hands up like he’s being robbed at gunpoint but other than that, he’s walking good! haha

26 weeks

And little Liv is doing great in mommy’s tummy. She is a real wiggly girl. My midwife even had to “hold” her butt still at my appointment last week just to get her heartbeat. Quite a kicker and definitely living up to her name’s meaning – life! In case we’ve forgotten to announce, her name is going to be Liv Catherine Taylor (“Livie Cate” as a fun nickname). ‘Course we call Jack ‘Buddy’ more than we call him Jack so we’ll see what other nicknames she gets! Well, enjoy the photos of the party. We wish everyone could’ve been there at the same time but are thankful to celebrate this sweet boy’s first year of life in spirit with everyone as well.

Here’s a few photos from the photo booth at the party:

Me and Christine with Luci Belle and Jack

Cassie and her mom, Debe

Silly Home Group Girls

Silly Taylors

Much love!

J + B + j + l

3 Simple Joys

3 06 2011

K, it’s been insanely too long and Christine has been reprimanding me on a weekly basis about not blogging so, here goes…..

Just to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to post my 3 simple joys as of late.

1. Naming our sweet girl

Although at times I want to pull my crazy, humidity-infused hair out, it really is a joy to think upon the name of our second baby. *oh yeah, psst, we’re pregnant and 20 weeks along at that. Told you it’s been insanely too long*

But, seriously, when I really think about it, it is such an honor and joy to have the task of finding that name that fits your little one to a T. As that baby grows and kicks and wiggles inside me, I get to learn more and more about her personality and (in this case already) her spunk.

My inner dialogue “First name could be this, middle name would be that….no, but if the first name is shortened to this then that middle name wouldn’t sound good. Oh, crap, that would give her initials that would surely lead to playground teasing. Start again.” So maybe it’s not a simple joy lately but it is a joy. :) Her name will come in time and Jon and I can already tell the Lord is leading us in a great direction.

2. Staying At Home

I know it is rare for a woman to be able to stay at home and we are so blessed that I am able to stay home with Jack. (Thank you sweet Jon!) Although I long to get out a little more and I really hope to have my own sewing business in the future (from home), this time is so precious and I want to strive to be the best stay at home mommy I can be. Prayers are needed for sure on how exactly I do that as I have yet to find a training manual. ;-)

3. Sew Thankful

Another thing that brings me joy is my sewing machine. I’ve had it for a year and a half now and I’ve learned a lot! I’ve also ripped out a ton of seams and said a few bad words here and there. Oops. But, I’m just very thankful for the creative escape and also the occasional ability to make some extra money for our family and/or barter for friend’s services/goods. I hope to learn more and more and to contribute what I can to the crafting world. (Oh, and bear with me as I put in a shameless plug for my entry in a contest – voting ends this Sat (6/5): Vote for me here)

Anyway, those are my 3 simple joys (sometimes not so simple) but joys none the less. Nothing tops these boys though. ;-) Much love! J + B + j + bg (baby girl)

Jack’s First Snow Day

9 02 2011

This little email went out to family last week. Thought I’d just copy and paste it for a quick blog post. Sorry I’ve been so bad about updating. This snow was from last week – Feb 4th. :)


2010 Wrap-up -> 2011 Ramp-up

6 01 2011

My heart is ravisht with delight,

when thee I think upon;

All grief and sorrow takes the flight,

and speedily is gone;

The bright resemblance of thy face,

so fills this, heart of mine;

that force nor fate can me displease,

for Old long syne.

-Robert Burns

What an amazing year 2010 has been for us…Jon’s business grew a ton, moved to a great neighborhood, and of course sweet Jack was welcomed into the world and our hearts. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Bre’s family and am now in California with Jon’s family for a nice, restful time before we really kick 2011 into gear. Here’s some pictures of Jack’s first Christmas.

You can pretty much see the contagious excitement of Christmas registering on his face in these next 3 photos:

What's everybody starin' at me for?

Ohhh, I think I'm starting to get it.

It's Christmas!!!!!!!

Buddy got some great classic toys, some books, and even a Baby Signing DVD. Mommy got a Kindle and Daddy got his BluRay player plus some other fun stuff. Very blessed Christmas indeed.

We were able to enjoy some time with my Dad and Jackie before they left for New Orleans, then enjoyed Christmas Day at Gemma’s (my mom’s) with that side of the family. Mom came in after Christmas and watched Jack so Jon and I could go out to dinner for our 3-year anniversary then helped us to the airport the next day as we were California-bound!

We’ve been here almost a week now and it’s been a much-needed wonderful and restful time. Jack got to meet all his cousins (he’s the youngest on Jon’s side and first on my side) and immediately felt at home with his California family. It’s been pretty cold here so we’ve mostly stayed inside and close to the fire but will venture out soon to show Jack Pappaw’s chickens and the beautiful tall trees…wouldn’t you just chill out and relax too if every window you looked out of showed this:

And the view inside is this:

Here’s us on a walk:

Looking up at the tall, tall trees

It’s been a great trip! We did catch ourselves a cold which has not been fun but we’re in the perfect place to rest up and get better. Jon’s mom has been making us carrot juice every night and there’s the cozy fire to warm up too as well…not to mention, lots of people to hold Jack! :)

Jon and I have had some great ‘goals of 2011’ conversations so excited to get home and seize the new year. Here’s a few of our goals:

  • E-course – Something I’m really excited about is the Fundamental Foods e-course we signed up for from GNOWFGLINS – an awesome website/blog about preparing and cooking traditional foods (in line with the Nourishing Traditions way of eating) We’ve already done our first couple lessons and it’s been awesome! Excited to implement what we’ve learned so far and will definitely blog more about it later.
  • Sewing biz (etsy shop and such)….it’s not up yet but gonna take the next few months to experiment with different items and hopefully launch my Etsy shop by Spring and open a booth at really cool local boutique called IndieGenius.
  • Paying down more debt – this is always a goal but now that Jack is here safe and sound, we’re kicking into high gear!

There’s many more goals we want to work on of course in all departments…spiritual, relational, etc but more on those later. Blogging more is always a goal so hopefully I’ll keep that going too…just bear with us if there’s a lag. ;-)

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

J + B + j

Workin’ Hard For The Ladies

10 12 2010

Jack here. Figured it was time for me to post on mom and dad’s blog now that I’m 4 months and all. So, seems like everywhere I go, I’m oooed and ahhed at. I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately but I’ve got a few rolls on me so I figured I better get into shape if I want to keep impressing the ladies….plus I had a photo shoot coming up for my 2011 pinup calendar. Such pressure. Anyway, want a quick glimpse at what work-out, I mean “play-time” *wink wink* looks like in my crib? Read on.

First, I work on sitting up. Mom puts my favorite mirror in the crib and I bat at it so she thinks I’m interested but really I’m working on my rock hard abs and back muscles and strengthening my arms. Up, down, up, down.

Then, so that my mom doesn’t catch on to this, I look up with an adorable, innocent look.

Then, to keep up the ruse of innocence, I fall back haphazardly into the pillow she carefully placed behind me. “oh, mommy, help me. i can’t get back up”, I fuss as I do my crunches. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Now, I’m in the perfect position to work on my side muscles as I roll onto my toned tummy. Check out my gluteus maximus area as I roll over.

Now, gotta keep mom off the trail so I fuss a little more and shoot her an ‘aren’t you going to help me?’ look while I bring my arms in front for some push-ups.

Now, push-up time. 1, 2, 3, 4…give a cute glance to mom through the crib rails. check.

Uh oh…I’m now too cute to resist and mom insists on picking me up and slathering me with more kisses. Good thing no girls are around cuz that would be emmmmbarassing! Well, guess that work-out is over. I’m feeling good…I think I look nice and toned for my calendar shoot, don’t you? Plus, there’s always photoshop. ;-)

Multitude Monday #2

29 11 2010

Multitude Mondays are basically posts (on Mondays of course) that list the things I am thankful for. This is my second one. :)

10. Friends – the actual ones in my life. My friend from high school, Tarah (or Valentine – our nickname for each other), came in over Thanksgiving and it was so good to spend time with her and Cassie (my best friend – also from high school). I love talking about anything and everything and picking up right where we left off as if no time has passed. Here’s a fave pic from our girl trip to London in 2006 and maybe someday…maybe…I’ll show you a clip of the insanely humiliating “mommy video” – a video we made for our moms many years ago.

Also, thankful for my fellow new mama friend Christine. The Lord knew what He was doing (as He always does) by crossing our paths during our pregnancies. We’re able to vent about lack of sleep, talk tricks of the napping trade, and book and netflix movie share.

Also, big shout out to my dear friend Alli dahling who I don’t get to see nearly enough! A sweet sister in Christ, amazing wife and mom, fellow Audrey Hepburn lover, and just plain fun to be around! Plus her hubby and mine can talk for hours about Apple, food, you name it. (move here guys! ;-))

11. Friends – the tv show. It’s my go-to-thing to have in the background when working on stuff or cleaning the house…or even just to watch before falling asleep. Poor Jon wouldn’t pick up on all the quotes I’d make but now he is sufficiently as brainwashed as me. :) mwahahahaha

12. the holiday season. There’s just something about the holidays that cheers everybody up. I’m not a fan of cold weather but the holidays makes it worth it. festive decorations, beautiful twinkly lights on all the houses, and the food!

13. Mothering magazine. Christine and I text back and forth on whether the other has received their issue yet (we live 2 streets from each other). It’s a great magazine for natural parenting – i.e. babywearing, breastfeeding, etc. They always have insightful articles that don’t just give an opinion but really help me to think beyond the subject and form my own thoughts and, even better, spur me into action. If you’re a mom, get it!

14. Side sleeping. We’ve learned a new ‘get Jack to sleep longer’ trick – he loves to side sleep! Both Jon and I do too so why we never thought to try it for him, I don’t know. But, it works! Longer naps = happier buddy boy and parents :)

15. Speaking of happier baby and parents, we are now sporting Fuzzibunz around here…(well, Jack is sporting them). They’re awesome! So super soft for his tush, easy to wash, and no leaks! Saves us a ton o’ money <-always uber grateful when that happens

16. Visits from family. Jon’s brother, Chris, and his wife Janelle came in for a great little visit. We got to hang out and share some of our favorite local eateries (Eno’s and Tillman’s Roadhouse) and Janelle and I escaped for a couple hours to a fun (but very crowded) Etsy craft show. Another big thanks to my dad and Jackie for babysitting!

Jack turned 4 months yesterday. Gonna take some 4 month photos soon but, in the meantime, here’s a pic of his royal adorableness on Turkey Day.

Much love!

J + B + j


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